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American Solar, Inc. (ASI) sells and installs hobby, commercial, and institutional growing greenhouse stuctures throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  We also replace glass and aging 8 mm, 16 mm, or 25 mm poly carbonate (PC) on greenhouse structures and swimming pool enclosures.  Typically we resurface pool enclosure roofs by removing and disposing of old CalWal or yellowing PC.  We give new like and a new look over swimming pools, replacing an old enclosure roof with a new, up-to-date aluminum glazing bar, cap, & gasket system.  Polygal or other comparable quality 16 or 25 mm PC is easily and safely secured.


Whether you grow flora in a small backyard hobby greenhouse, manage a large commercial or institutional greenhouse, or are responsible for maintenance and upfits to hotel, resort, or apartment complex swimming pool enclosures, American Solar, Inc. works to supply your structure with the glazing most appropriate for your needs.

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American Solar, Inc. represents National Greenhouse Company to supply you a hobby residential lean-to or free-standing greenhouse structure.   We also work with commerical greenhouse manufacturer Rimol Greenhouse Systems and with Pool Enclosures, Inc., a custom-shop manufacturer, to provide needed install experience and product expertise.  We can quickly complete your project on time and on budget.

ASI can supply robust 8-10 mil nylon-laced, nearly un-shredable, polyethylene custom-sized and shipped directly to you--ideal for the outer layer on a two-layer inflated high tunnel, quonset-style, or gothic arch greenhouse large or small @ .25 per sq ft.  Email for sample.

American Solar, Inc. has builder's licenses in NC, SC, & VA.  We are insured with General Liability & Worker's Comp and are Better Business Bureau A+ rated.  We supply shading, ventilation, furnaces, benches, and 8-year 10 mil nylon-laced polyethylene.

Patio Enclosure From Tidewater VA, eastern NC & Low Country SC, to the Piedmont  and Mountain areas in all three States, American Solar, Inc. looks  forward to working with you to complete your greenhouse or pool enclosure new or upfit project at surprisingly affordable cost.